tutto gourmet

importing the most authentic products. directly from italy.

branding & web design


Tutto Gourmet is an importer and distributor of Italian food and beverages, who have launched their own line of artisan cheeses. Over the years the objective has been to grow sales and awareness.


Many people who eat in food courts are pressed for time, they may not know what they want to eat before they get there or can be easily swayed by long lines or promotions. JTG is competing in the same space with some bigger brands such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, Chipotle and KFC who have larger marketing budgets.


After conducting our brand positioning process, which is used as the foundation for all communications, we built a media and messaging strategy that would maximize their budget. Jimmy The Greek has hardly changed their menu in over 30 years of business, people have come to love their food and can count on them whenever they are on the go but want to eat some healthier homestyle cooking. Our media strategy has been to target people through different touch points around the time they are making lunch and dinner time decisions.

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