tutto gourmet

importing the most authentic products. directly from italy.

branding & web design


Tutto Gourmet is an importer and distributor of Italian food and beverages and worked with our team to develop their brand and website.


Tutto Gourmet's goal is to become the trusted brand for premium quality Italian products in Canada and appeal to Italian Canadians of all ages. Gaining the trust and loyalty of both older and younger consumers as well as retailers was their main challenge. Practically, the logo would need to be visible and easily recognizable on various product labels at very small sizes.

The main challenge with their website was organizing all of the products and brands they offered and developing a user experience that was seamless for both the consumer and retailer.


To support Tutto's goals of growing consumer trust and appealing to a wide age demo and retailers, we developed a logo that would immediately communicate these characteristics. Red is a colour often associated with premium Italian products while the seal creates a visual of "approval" or "high quality". The use of tall, bold type maximized the space in the seal in order for the name to stand out even at the smallest sizes.

To further visually communicate the idea of high quality, Italian, the website combined beautiful landscapes of the Italian countryside, elegant food and lifestyle photography paired with simple, clean design. With so many products, the site provides customers and retailers a well organized platform to easily discover or find the products and information they are looking for.

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