roy cado

empowering real estate decisions.



Roy Cadó is a successful realtor that services homeowners and real estate investors.  Roy came to us because he wanted a brand that visually reflected where he is today as a realtor and communicated that it was important to him that we communicate his offering in a simplified way.


Many realtors provide the same services and what separates one from another can be very nuanced. Roy’s clients know him as someone who provides a lot of detailed information and works tirelessly on their behalf.


We uncovered that empowering real estate decisions is what Roy does best with his ability to provide data, and research along with his personal efforts in negotiation to give his clients peace of mind in knowing that they’ve made the right real estate decision. The Venn diagram was used to symbolize his offering and acted as a unique graphical element that we carried through to his many collateral pieces.

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