woodbridge school of dance

we develop a love of dance. not just dancers.

branding, web & advertising


The Woodbridge School of Dance has been around for over 30 years providing dance instruction and helping to positively shape young children in the community. WSD had seen enrollment dropping and needed assistance in growing the numbers.


WSD was not about competition, they focused on giving their students a passion for dance and empowering them with confidence. They developed students, placing them on the path to become professional dancers if they so desired. There was an air of prestige to the school the minute you walked inside because of its older d├ęcor, historical achievements and the high level professionalism exuded by the team.


After conducting our brand positioning process, which is used as the foundation for all communications, we wanted to capture the essence of what set WSD apart from other dance schools. Through beautiful stylistically timeless photography we captured small candid moments between students and instructors that told a story in one frame. Our messaging reflected a positive tone that talked about creating a love for dance and embracing their passion.

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