vinylbilt windows & doors

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branding, print & web design


Vinylbilt has been for decades one of Ontario’s largest window and door manufacturer serving residential new build and retrofit industry. Vinylbilt was recently acquired, the new ownership wanted to visibly show that the company is evolving and looking to establish itself once again as an industry leader.


The one thing that Vinylbilt has been known for ever since inception is the quality and reliability of their products. Two things that rank highest with customers when searching for windows and doors.


After conducting our brand positioning process, which is used as the foundation for all communications, we started with redesigning the logo and brand colours to rejuvenate the visual brand. We then changed their tagline “bilt better” to “built for reliable comfort” in order to incorporate the result of a better built product. Website and print material are being updated with the new visual brand design and messaging is being tweaked to better convey the product benefits for the buyers.

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